06 March 2011 @ 12:18 am

The universe has been restarted, the big bang two rippling across all of time and space at the same moment, and a young woman in Leadworth remembered the Doctor back into existence. But the danger hasn't passed, and the mystery behind the TARDIS' exploding is only beginning to unravel.

All across the universe, and even spilling into a neighboring universe, people have suddenly woken up and remembered. Remembered the Doctor...and remembered an alternate life lived without him. Although those lives are gone, vanished with the return of the Doctor, those memories linger, as do the perhaps confusing memories of the proper time line with the Doctor, and--to all but few--no discernible reason why they would have suddenly forgotten.

Amy, Rory, and the Doctor may be on their honeymoon, but the universe doesn't stop even for the most incredible holidays.

The Voice is still out there, the danger still looms, and at any moment...it might just strike.


Plot - Rules

Taken Characters - Reserves

FAQ - Wanted Characters



Taken Characters: Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Metacrisis Doctor, Rose Tyler
Needed Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Wilfred Mott, Gwen Cooper-Williams
Wanted Characters: Anyone at all~
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10 February 2011 @ 03:02 pm
And for my birthday apparently I've picked up a John Smith muse. I don't even know, you guyyssss.

But yay twenty-two!

/obligatory party moodtheme
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29 January 2011 @ 06:13 am
Fic: Juliet (Rose POV Rose/Doctor, rated g, Doctor Who)  
Title: Juliet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: G
Spoilers: Season Four
Pairings: Rose/Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: Copious angst
Genre: Angst, Missing scene
Summary: A Rose POV ficlet of Turn Left and Stolen Earth.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who is naturally, not mine.

AN: This was a random, sudden inspiration of head canon I needed to jot down. So.

She felt like Juliet in a twisted retelling of Shakespeare, and all she wanted was out. )
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24 November 2010 @ 04:30 am
Fic: Masks (River, Rated G, Doctor Who)  
Title: Masks
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: G
Spoilers: Theoretically S4-onward, but...only the concept of the character, really.
Pairings: Nothing specifically stated, but Doctor/River is there to be interpreted.
Characters: River, Doctor
Warnings: ...Nothing, really.
Genre: Character introspection
Summary: They played with mirrors and shadows, played roles and parts as the situation demanded, let on just enough to keep the other guessing and sometimes guessed just enough to keep the other shifting their guises, but never the whole.

Disclaimer: Not mine

AN: I...no really. Nothing for a month and I come back with River POV? I don't even know. I don't.

They played a game every time they met. Neither one ever had all the answers, and both always had their secrets, their promises of the past and of the future. They kept their masks, their cloaks, and their make-believe to play their parts in the sprawling game. Sometimes they held back knowledge that could help, because even though it'd been written, it hadn't happened, and sometimes it was because they hadn't yet been written. Sometimes they made things up and played coy just for fun, found amusement in a gravely dangerous balance of timelines and spinning plates.

They played with mirrors and shadows, played roles and parts as the situation demanded, let on just enough to keep the other guessing and sometimes guessed just enough to keep the other shifting their guises, but never the whole.

Sometimes, near the beginning, she would wonder if they would ever catch up. Later, she couldn't help but wondering—just on occasion—if there would ever be one brilliant moment where stars, fate, and blind chance aligned to synch them up just right, and they could be everything they were, not what they might be.

Eventually she thought it might be the day she died.

One day, they swept away without warning, and they were. The dancing and the play paused for that moment, the masks and secrets, for just that day, were laid aside. The words and their careful handwriting were left open and forgotten, and the place they landed was less important than the roles they no longer had to play.

For a moment, they could be who they were.

The stars shifted, there remained more, another plate left spinning in his hands. One last mask he could never remove, thin and translucent as it was. Yet, as ever, the question that could tear it down was never spoken.

The dancing ended only as the game began.
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30 October 2010 @ 06:46 am
Doctor-Companion meta  
More Donna thoughts~

So, Donna has self confidence issues, partly to do with her mother, doubtlessly partly to do with many other things, but Turn Left and Journey's End make it clear she does. as Ten.5 observed, she 'screams at the universe, because who would listen otherwise? And why should they?' Even in SitL/FotD she makes similar comments, like ditching on herself for her 'ideal man'.

It's been observed how terrible it was to wipe Donna's memories in JE because she 'finally realized how brilliant she was'. I say...no, she didn't. Yes, she was confident and awesomesauce as DoctorDonna, but that's not because she realized she really was special and brilliant on her own. Comments like "See, I really get this stuff now" and similar she made through the explanation and BWB suggest to me, that she found a self-worth in the fact that she was now as clever (cleverer) and brilliant as the Doctor. She wasn't 'just a temp' anymore, she was an impossible, fantastic human-Time Lord metacrisis with access and understanding of the whole entire universe.

When she argued that she'd rather die than go back, she didn't argue she'd rather die than forget how amazing she was, she didn't want to 'go back'. She couldn't bear to go back to living that dull, empty life she had (and why should she? Losing all the memories of the wonders of the universe forever? Terrible.). I don't think there's really enough of her in EoT 1/2 to say if she realized how awesome she was on her own later, but the fact that Wilf thought she was sort of...'drifting' and unhappy doesn't imply she found a grand and fulfilling life for herself, even with Sylvia's support. Though this may have changed later.

In fact, I think, the only time Donna truly felt she was and could be important and brilliant and amazing all on her own was Turn Left. When she chose to go back and save the world and bring back 'the Doctor's world', I think there she truly believed what Rose said about her being brilliant and special.

This...makes an interesting thought for me.

Even though the Doctor showed Donna 'a better way of living her life', turned it all around from empty temping to saving the universe, he never really seemed to succeed in showing her how brilliant she was. He thought she was brilliant, completely. He even told her that as Ten.5, but I don't think she really believed him.

Yet Rose, with only a few brief meetings, showed a woman with none of the other Donna's experiences, who hadn't saved entire races and seen the universe and saved planets and the universe, that she was amazing and could make a difference just exactly as she was.

Rose says "That's what the Doctor does, he shows you you're brilliant", but I'm not so sure that's actually true. He brings out that brilliance, yes...but honestly? I don't think he does much of a job of turning a mirror on the companion and going "Look at you! You are amazing!"

It makes me consider...is this the same, at least in NuWho, with the others? Mickey found his own way to being more than the Tin Dog, the Doctor refused to acknowledge that at all until he did it himself. Martha decided she was 'too good' to pine after the Doctor after going on a trip on her own and saving the world herself, without the Doctor. It's hard to say about Rose. She seemed to get it, and come onto her own because of the Doctor, instead of in spite of him, but then again so did Jack, who clearly accredited the Doctor for his change.

So, perhaps it's just Ten (and we've yet to see about Eleven) who failed at it? Or perhaps Rose and Jack both had 'wake up's I'm forgetting or we missed. To be fair, Rose flails at Christmas Invasion, but she's already said in PotW that "He taught me a better way of living my life etc"

What do you think? I'm not saying Rose is wrong that he shows people how to be better, leads them on the road to being amazing...

But does he actually show them it?

And if not, what's it say about Rose that, in so short a time, she could do for Donna what the Doctor never could?
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27 October 2010 @ 06:58 am
Ten(II)/Rose fanart  
In the hope of appeasing the blasted demanding and yet unhelpful muse, I found a D/R (specifically TenII/Rose but have it either way) sketch I had half-finished and...basically just dumped color on it. I relied heavily on a reference pic, but I've misplaced it.

I cut to save your eyes, but there's implied nakedness in it, too.

Behold cut. )
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25 October 2010 @ 07:12 pm
Speechorifics (Doctor-any/Rose PG PG fic)  
Title: Speechorifics
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: PG?
Spoilers: Nothing.
Pairings: Doc/Rose if you want to see it. It could be Nine, Ten, Ten.5, or Eleven.
Characters: Doctor, Rose
Warnings: Crack
Genre: A bit of meta, a bit of crack.
Summary: Rose is tired of hearing the same speech over and over again, and if the Doctor's not going to say anything about it, then she will.

You want to know the difference between he an' you? )
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25 October 2010 @ 10:53 am
One Times Infinity - Chapter 9 (10/Rose AU PG-13 fic)  
Title: One Times Infinity
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Anything up to Doomsday, There will occasionally be canon elements included from any aired episode of Torchwood of Doctor Who, however.
Pairings: Doc/Rose, Rose/Jack
Characters: 10, Rose
Warnings: Flippantly AU
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Beta: None! Oh dear.
Summary: The walls between universes are more fragile than they seem. Once again it falls to the Doctor to save more than one universe...but can he fight what he wants the most? And who is this unseen enemy? A post-Doomsday reunion, of sorts.

Previous Chapters


We make our own choices, Rose. Even when they're the wrong ones, they're still the choice we made. There's nothing else out there to blame for those. )
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23 October 2010 @ 07:58 am
Eleven/Rose vid rec  

This is AMAZING.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH2WEYrjo1E It's an Eleven/Rose vid, but I shall not embed it. Because when you see it you will want to fav/like/comment it is that awesome. The manipulations are incredible. And it's not just one video she has more.

GO FORTH AND WATCH IT. BE AMAZED. Even if you don't do Eleven/Rose go take a look at it.
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19 October 2010 @ 04:31 am
Picture-in-picture (Doctor Who genfic drabble)  
Title: Picture-in-picture
Rating: G
Spoilers: Theoretically up to Big Bang
Pairings: Implied Ten.5/Rose and Amy/Rory
Characters: Amy, Eleven, Rory
Warnings: Nada
Genre: Humor, fluff
Author/Beta: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit/None
Summary: Gonna ask some questions, and get some answers~. Triple-drabble nonsense. Amy questions the Doctor on his 'clone'.

"You've got a clone."

"Ah..." She knew that look. It was his 'did I say that? I didn't mean to say that. Can we forget it?' look. But she wasn't going to let him get away with it. Not this time. "Sort of."

"You've got a clone, whose mind you can see into, whenever you want?" She didn't wait for his answer before plowing onward, leaning around the console and smiling at him. "Well, why haven't I met him?"

"Can't. He's...very far away. Farther than the TARDIS can go. Another universe! And even if you did meet him, you wouldn't recognize him." He smirked. "He's not as cool as I am."

"Oh." She deflated somewhat. Two Doctors...now there was something she would have wanted to see. "So how's it work, then? Two sets of thoughts? A voice in your head that answers you? Picture-in-picture?"

He made an uncomfortable face. "It depends if he picks up."

"So it's like a phone call?"

Judging by his expression, he already knew what she was going to say next, but she wasn't the sort to let someone else speak for her. Ever. "Is he picking up now?"

"No. He's...busy." Something on the console apparently became intensely interesting to him.

"Busy? Busy with what?"

"Busy...things. Very busy!" He clapped, and spun around the console toward her, grinning. "Now, come on! Alpha Zentauri! Not to be confused with Alpha Centauri. Very, very bad idea, that." He continued chittering on endlessly as he swept off toward the door, and Rory appeared, finally arrived from wherever he'd been when they'd originally landed.

She frowned after the Doctor a moment as he flitted across the room, picking up the bits and pieces of whatever he'd been collecting on their recent trips.

Fine. She'd get an answer out of him next time they landed while Rory was lost in the library.
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16 October 2010 @ 08:26 am
But have another meta my brain won't shut up long enough for me to fic. Warning, I'm going to shoot out some spoilers all the way up to Pandorica Opens, so if you haven't seen season five...skim or skip.

The Doctor is an epic jerk. Or an epic moron. )

...And yes, I'm aware I would pretty much be the shortest-lived and most irritating companion ever.
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16 October 2010 @ 07:34 am
A Time Lord Victorious question  
Aaaaas if that post wasn't strange enough, I pose a question to you all! What am I reading?

Post-WoM Ten was crazycrazypants, but apparently not so crazy that he interfered with Rose or Donna's time lines, right? But what if he never got snapped out of his Time Lord Victorious schtick? Maybe Adelaide went along with his plan, maybe having her defy him actually snaps him further so he says "Screw all of you I'm doing what I WANT TO."

Say he interferes with time, and plucks out Donna and Rose from their timelines to 'save' them. Or just Rose But I have a hard time believing he wouldn't go back for Donna, too, at that point. The world doesn't (immediately) explode somehow. Say he gets to keep them, possibly to one or both of their chagrin.

Donna is the sort to stop him. Rose makes him better and cures his crazy.

Eventually, traveling with them (after doing all the things he'd never do if he were sane), he'd get a grip on himself again, and realize he can't just break time. Maybe the universe is unraveling or maybe he realizes that's a jerk move and kind of really stupid.

Does his inner martyr win, and send them back? Or his selfishness? Or, does his "Everything applies to everyone but Rose" mean once he's sane again, he won't let her go? Could he reason letting them go would just make him worse again, and thus for the sake of the universe he needs to keep them?

Where would Rose and Donna be in this? Rose doesn't ever want to leave him, and TLV Doctor would find ways (Um, not hard to, apparently. I'm looking at you, Liz X) to keep her. She also loves him and doesn't want him to suffer, but she's seen what changing time can do. Donna never wants to leave him, either. She also ships Doctor/Rose like a fangirl. And she believes he NEEDS someone to save him. And she really does not want to lose who she is.

Would they be for going home? Staying? Easily swayed?


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16 October 2010 @ 06:46 am
LJ really could do with more love-memes and love-fest celebrations. Complaining and hating is easy. You'll ruin a day, maybe, annoy someone, maybe get them to quit something or another. In a week at most, it'll be forgotten, and mean nothing, except for the general feeling of discontent. Or you could share some love with your fellow LJers, whether they blog, icon, fic, RP, or I don't know, run cracky polls and meme comms. Brighten their day, make 'em feel good about themselves and about what they do or the community. It'll have a longer, better impact. You make a bigger impact with a hug than a slap. So why not? Make some people feel good, share some happy and get some happy back! Go on! Find some love comms, or make some, go hug some LJ peoples, and tell 'em how awesome they are, yeah?

It might be fun. :3
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14 October 2010 @ 06:26 am
One Times Infinity - Chapter 8 (Doctor Who AU D/R fic)  
Title: One Times Infinity
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Anything up to Doomsday, There will occasionally be canon elements included from any aired episode of Torchwood of Doctor Who, however.
Pairings: Doc/Rose, Rose/Jack
Characters: 10, Rose
Warnings: Flippantly AU
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Beta: None! Oh dear.
Summary: The walls between universes are more fragile than they seem. Once again it falls to the Doctor to save more than one universe...but can he fight what he wants the most? And who is this unseen enemy? A post-Doomsday reunion, of sorts.

Previous Chapters


A whole new universe to see before suppertime! )
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13 October 2010 @ 04:03 am
Fic meme  
Taken from [livejournal.com profile] oobiemcruby, in exchange for a request.

"The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, maybe find a creative alternative?)"

Keep it to fandoms I know, preferably Doctor Who, though. I'm not ruling it out, but I also probably won't be able to do Doctor/Amy or Doctor/River in a romantic context, because I don't get or particularly like either. And simply I won't do a pairing/prompt-thing which is specifically anti-Ten.5 or Ten.5/Rose. Because I <3 them and him.

...Why is this locked? Fail, self.
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12 October 2010 @ 04:57 am
Feast of the Damned review  
Why yes I have spent the past thirty hours listening to David Tennant audio-books, what?

Not really a review but a play-by-play, and maybe comments at the end. Or maybe not I've been up for 35 hours what do you want from me?

IM transcript! In which Rose is exceedingly, endlessly awesome )
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10 October 2010 @ 07:51 am
An Eleven/Rose picspam  
RIGHT. So awhile back, I came across an impromptu rant in the middle of something completely unrelated about how DW was so much better before romance and Rose etc. I was briefly tempted to tilt at that particular windmill...and then decided, screw it, why not royally irritate unnamed person my just contributing to the fandom they can't stand? Yes? Yes?

It was fun to make, anyway.

So. This is basically a picspam illustrating all the times in s5 when the Doctor was really thinking about Rose. The skew is intentionally shipper, and...honestly, a bit neurotic of the Doctor were it true sometimes, but. XD

I made 'em in order by episode, but the actual caps aren't always shown chronologically within the episode.

Pictures beneath here! )
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07 October 2010 @ 06:04 am
Wasted Years - Casanova music vid  
Alright, so I haven't finished the next chapter yet. I've been working on a few other things instead, and as a peace offering to the lack of fic, I offer one of them.

It's just a straightforward tribute, pretty much, not anything related to Finding Me, other than the fact that it's the same sort of brooding, but. It's something!

Spoilers throughout the 2005 miniseries (but lacking any of the racy scenes)

This was not what I'd set out to make. I'd meant for something very differently toned, crossover, and quite possibly a different POV, but while unsuccessfully finding ANY song for what I wanted, I stumbled through this one and went "THIS. NOW." And so I did. First full-length in awhile, for the simple fact that this one managed to come out in effectively two sittings. (Primarily my problem is that my Vegas freezes eternally when trying to load most project files, so saving is only possible through rendering each step, and that is involving and can't account for regular crashes)

Anyway, the plot is pretty simply older!Giacomo's POV of his life, and the regrets he felt that led to his self-imposed exile. I made an effort to balance it between his disgust at what he became and his love for what he was, and most importantly, his constant, futile, pursuit of Henriette...which ultimately led to his downfall.

There's a bit of a recurring theme of Bellino, just because I think he's got quite a bit of guilt for pushing her down the path she eventually went, too.

The last line was meant more "It's not easy winning", he gets (nearly) everything he sought--money, fame, women, and someone undoubtedly willing to grant him pardon--but at a price he can't pay.

Perhaps if I make another, there'll be more of happytiems, Rocco, and Giac Jr? Not much special effects in this, because the more flashy I make it, the longer it takes, and thus...see above re: saving. It ends a second before I'd really like it to, but otherwise, I think it worked out well
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05 October 2010 @ 06:23 am
Finding Me Chapter 3 (Doctor Who/Casanova PG-13)  
Title: Finding Me
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4x13 Journey's End
Pairings: Rose/Ten.5, possible others in the future
Genre: Angst, Adventure, Romance
Summary: Sometimes things go terribly wrong, and sometimes everything falls apart. And sometimes, the universe expects you to pick up and keep on going anyway.

Disclaimer: Still not mine.

AN: This one took a bit longer, because I kept getting distracted it was sort of a complicated and awkward thing to write. Yet, it needed to be done, so we shall see where the story goes from here.

He'd mentioned to her once before, years ago, that his memories were sometimes confused after regenerating. )
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29 September 2010 @ 07:55 am
77 Ten.5 icons and 5 Ten/Rose  
So, obviously, I quite ♥ Ten.5, or whatever you'd like to call him. And there...just...when I go looking there doesn't seem to be very many icons of him which aren't overtly shippy or similar expressions over and over. It may just be me, but I thought I'd go through and catch all the interesting expressions I could and icon them. Purely Ten.5.

Except I got distracted and made a few on-set Rose/Ten ones, too.

77 Ten.5 icons
5 Doctor/Rose (Billie/David, really) on-set


WHAM! SHHHhhh! )
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