16 February 2009 @ 05:09 am
82 Farscape and Doctor Who icons  
So, with a bit of a sudden inspiration, I tried toying with some icons, and am curious how they turned out. I'm not even sure how I got so many, really.

Spoilers for all episodes featured

55 Farscape icons

Season 1: Family Ties
Season 2: A Clockwork Nebari
Season 3: Season of Death

Primarily Crichton and Chiana. Also Aeryn and Zhaan.

31 Doctor Who icons

Season 2: Doomsday
Season 4: Journey's End

Primarily Rose. Also The Doctor and Mickey

1 random ReGenesis icon: I wanted to test it on another source.

I'm not afraid to say the DW ones are less interesting than the Farscape, really. The technique worked better on Farscape's lighting. The usual rules remain the same--comment if you take any, credit, and don't hotlink anything.

I'd like to add an extra note here, to say please comment. The entire point of this experiment was to see how they came out, really, so any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Doctor Who icons )
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05 December 2008 @ 07:09 am
Wormhole 1/? (SG-1/FS AU fic)  
Title: Wormhole
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Stargate - Continuum, Farscape - Won't Get Fooled Again?
Pairings: TBD
Characters: Cam, Vala, Daniel, Teal'c, John, Aeryn, D'argo, Zhaan, Chiana
Genre: AU, Crossover, Action/Adventure
Summary: When SG-1 discovers a method of travel potentially superior to the Stargate, they accidentally set into motion the rise of an new enemy. An enemy that may be too powerful for SG-1 alone.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

AN: This is just one of those...impulse fics that won't go away. I'm really quite iffy about writing most FS voices, but hopefully they'll work out.

While I have a good portion planned out, for the most part, I'll write as inspiration takes.

The name's mostly a placeholder, and entirely subject to change.

It was a sad state of affairs when the interests of more than one galaxy were best served by war. )
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