11 April 2010 @ 05:28 am
Ten times it didn't need saying (Doc/Rose Doctor Who oneshot)  
Title: Ten times it didn't need saying
Rating: PG?
Spoilers: From Unquiet Dead to Stolen Earth
Pairings: Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten
Genre: Heavily episodic, but with a distinctly romantic slant.
Summary: It was never what he said that mattered. And a good thing, too.
Prompt: Ten Ways To Say I Love You Without Using The Words

Disclaimer: Don't own the canon. In fact there's a quite a bit directly quoted from it, given that most of its taken directly from episodes.

AN: Okay, so basically, quick run-down so it'll make sense: Years back I came up with the idea of the One Times Infinity crew encountering an alternate universe Rose where the Doctor was the one trapped in Pete's world, instead of Rose. This concept was later expanded upon brilliantly by [livejournal.com profile] spastasmagoria in her fic A Life Without. When I decided to pick up a Rose, I chose to snatch up that plotbunny again (using a bit of a hybrid of my original idea and hers, but that's not important to this fic!) The important part is, I wrote this fic as a character-fleshing exercise for that specific character. Certain things are skewed from canon accordingly, and it isn't entirely written as I might have if it were an actual fic.

The stare and the silence seemed to stretch on forever, and she couldn't say why. Like a message she should understand but couldn't. )
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