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darkbunnyrabbit ([personal profile] darkbunnyrabbit) wrote on June 30th, 2010 at 06:07 am
Waking up (Doc/Rose Doctor Who oneshot)
Title: Waking up
Rating: G
Spoilers: 5x13 Big Bang, if you can work them out.
Pairings: Rose/Ten.5
Genre: Romance, a bit of angst.
Summary: A possible Rose POV of the events of Big Bang, perhaps a missing scene?

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine!

AN: So, on my second viewing, I got a bit meta and this idea wouldn't leave me. I'm torn on two possible results, so there will likely be a second fic to this at some point, it's just...probably a longer one, so I went with this instead. Somehow it still ended up a bit different than I expected.

For the first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all. Not ever.

And then I met a man called the Doctor, who took me away in his magical machine. For two years, he showed me the whole of time and space. Then, just like that, he was gone.

For two more years, I fought to find my way back to him.

And I did.

For four years, it was everything I'd wanted and more. I though it would never end.

And then, one day, I forgot.

She never even felt a tugging, nagging doubt. Oh, she'd been dissatisfied, working in a shop, setting out clothing she couldn't always afford to buy herself. But who really believed they were meant to work in a shop? Who didn't dream of something more? There was no great calling in the sky. She never--rarely--woke expecting something different than the flat with her mother and the shop and her kind and wonderful boyfriend.

It didn't seem wrong at all to carry his ring when he'd offered, even if she didn't plan ahead to when it might be more than simply symbolic. They were never the sort to worry about whens.

She never thought there was anything wrong at all.

It wasn't like waking up.

One moment she stood in a too-lit building, carrying a folded and frankly hideous jumper, and the next a mug of tea shattered on a tile floor. Memories didn't rush through her, they didn't break through a fog. They simply existed. They simply were. As if they were always supposed to be. As if they'd never been. Except she remembered just a moment ago standing in the wrong universe with the wrong ring. Without her father, without her brother.


She darted from the kitchen into the arms of the confused blue figure that appeared--wandered--into the doorway. She didn't know if her words made sense, but his arms--his right, scrawny, freckled, not-quite-human arms--curled around her immediately. He pressed soft kisses into her hair and held her just as tightly as she needed and she was just about to wonder if she was making sense, when her mobile rang.

Her mother sounded as confused and panicked as she felt. Her screaming had to be loud enough to be heard even from where he stood, and then she knew he understood. He understood better than she or her mother did.

He understood, because, to him, nothing had happened at all.
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