14 December 2011 @ 04:51 pm
76 Ginger icons from Fright Night + 2 gifs  
By request: 76 icons of Ginger.

It's surprisingly difficult to get caps where she isn't talking. Cap 60 links to another icon which I left out due to violent content. Two gifs, too. I'm not sure if the animated icon fits in LJ, but it should other places.


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Midori yourself, Douchebag. )
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08 December 2011 @ 02:10 am
307 Peter Vincent icons (Fright Night 2011)  
Yes really. 307.

Actually, it's about 180, 122 are from an old batch with HORRIBLE source, but you can use them anyway, if you like. There's also a gif I didn't much like the result of at the bottom and a not quite alternate.

Rules are as usual.

Credit if you use them
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If you edit them, credit me for base.
I will hunt you down and eat your SOUL if you hotlink.

You think I hang out with Dracula and the Easter bunny? )
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10 October 2011 @ 12:43 pm
Two Doctor Who videos - Series 6 tribute and Doctor Who/Fright Night crossover  
Title: I Will Not Bow
Song: I Will Not Bow
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Subject: General Season 6
Genre: Tribute/Action
Summary: Spoilers for ALL of season/series 6

This is pretty much just an (almost) angst-free tribute to season six as a whole, or rather the strengths and defiance the characters displayed throughout the season against the many hardships they faced in it.

Youtube Link here

Title: World Spins Madly On
Song: The World Spins Madly On
Artist: The Weepies
Subject: Rose Tyler/Peter Vincent (Fright Night 2011)
Genre: AU, Shipping, Angst, Crossover
Summary: cut for length )

Youtube Link here
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