15 November 2011 @ 11:18 am
Secret Smile and Takin' Over the Asylum videos!  
Title: She Hates Me
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: She Hates Me, by Puddle of Mudd (explicit)
Rating: The video is PG, the song is R
Series: Secret Smile
Summary: Lots of SPOILERS for Secret Smile.

Now this is mostly just a crack, silly video that amused me to make, but if you want a structured plot you have two options:

A: Brendan is a dweeb who takes 500 years to take a hint when a girl's not into him, but he's not really nefarious, just clueless. To a horrible fault.


B: Imagine if you will Miranda is a total nutjob who's been over reacting and imagining coincidences that just aren't there about Brendan, and thus harasses and stalks a pretty normal dude for no apparent reason, until she pushes him far enough he starts snapping back. Then she frames him for murder. Because dude, she really doesn't like him.

Link: Here


Title: Hey Jude
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Hey Jude, by The Beatles
Rating: PG
Series: Takin' Over the Asylum
Summary: SPOILERS for the entirety of Takin' Over the Asylum.

Hey Jude is the obvious choice for a straight up series tribute, and this. Or, more specifically, it's a tribute to the populace of St. Jude's. There's next to nothing of anything that's not directly related to St. Jude's, because even with a stupidly long song I only have so much space, and those things didn't really apply to St. Jude's.

To be articulate, this follows the story of how Eddie and the radio station impacts the lives of the people involved and listening, and how they in turn affect his life.

Link: Here
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10 October 2011 @ 12:43 pm
Two Doctor Who videos - Series 6 tribute and Doctor Who/Fright Night crossover  
Title: I Will Not Bow
Song: I Will Not Bow
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Subject: General Season 6
Genre: Tribute/Action
Summary: Spoilers for ALL of season/series 6

This is pretty much just an (almost) angst-free tribute to season six as a whole, or rather the strengths and defiance the characters displayed throughout the season against the many hardships they faced in it.

Youtube Link here

Title: World Spins Madly On
Song: The World Spins Madly On
Artist: The Weepies
Subject: Rose Tyler/Peter Vincent (Fright Night 2011)
Genre: AU, Shipping, Angst, Crossover
Summary: cut for length )

Youtube Link here
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17 February 2006 @ 09:27 pm
Snape/OC : "Pretty Girl Miriella" (Sugar Cult)  
*embedded yt hidden* )

Fandom/Song/Artist: SNAPE/OC "Pretty Girl (The Way)" by Sugar Cult

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 3mins45seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Well... this is an... interesting idea of mine... A video based off of a character in a RPG I play. Yup, I wanted to do one for awhile, but I didn't have any video from the actresses that might fit the character-- then I got the inspiration to use all of her signatures instead... So, this is a mixture of video and pics... XD The video is pretty much all Snape, so you could call it a Sev video. So... Sev/OC vid... do I at least get some credit for novelty? :P (and yeah, I've almost finished my next Sev/Herm vid... I needed a break) Based off of the RPG: http://merlinsaid.proboards46.com/index.cgi

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: SoulRythm: "Ooh, I like this. Love the song. I've never read your fic. So I'm going to do that now. ;D Loved the video... going into favorites. ~SoulRythm~ p.s. You should make a trailer for your fic... if you haven't already."
08 February 2006 @ 08:59 pm
Hermione/Snape: "Even In Death" (Evanescence)  
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Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Even In Death" by Evanescence

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 4mins17seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Yet another Hermione/Severus vid! I'd been planning this one since about the time I made "Hello Or Goodbye", and only JUST got my hands on the song! This is based very much on a songfic I wrote to this song about H/S... I used Movie Maker, and added a couple doctored photos that I made in GIMP... The credits manip, however, is sadly not mine. I wanted the vid to center almost completely on Hermione, with only the occassional reference to Sev, to show more that he's not just away or apart, but dead... X_X I'm not entirely pleased with this, though I enjoyed the Hermione solo at the end. The last few shots I hope make sense, if not I'll put in an explanation... but I don't want to spoil it! X_x *twitches* I wanna redo it... grr...

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: RuddyDuck: "Oh. My. Gosh. *sniiiiiff* This was an amazing, amazing piece of work. So beautifully put together, so believable. You picked great footage, your use of color and other transitions was very well executed. I adore the ending image. This really reflects the anger and hurt within Hermione. Wonderful, wonderful tribute. Thank you!" Bex3000: "This vid is just... wow. I don't even really like the Hr/S pairing (even though I do enjoy reading the fics occasionally, hehe =P ), and this vid is so emotional! Maybe it's the music.. but it goes so well with the vid! =D Well done!!!!" LianaSnape: "OMG, that's... GORGEOUS! SS/HG is my absolutely favourite pairing, and this vid is great! And so damn sad! Great job! And the music is wonderful, too." xxDrkAnglsxx: "*shivers* This was an awesome video! Love the pairing and the song and especially the video!" PhoenixNordica: "Brilliant, I think this is one of your best vids! Very touching... *sniff sniff*."
03 February 2006 @ 08:19 pm
FUSHiGiYUUGi : "My Heart Will Go On" (Celine Dion)  
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Fandom/Song/Artist: FUSHiGiYUUGi "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 4mins45seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hotohori and Miaka video! Yay! A view of what might happen if the results of the Tamahome/Hotohori fight were a tad different, and of course, if Miaka had decided to go for Hotohori instead of Tama... Inspired by a fanfic from a Yahoo group I go to. Not a whole lot of material to work with here, but hopefully I'll make a better one soon... And ugh, there are a few nagging things about this that I want to fix, so I'll probably do a redo... oy. Movie Maker's been crashing like crazy on me, so it's been very difficult to get ANYTHING done...

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: AngelHael: "The quality was quite poor, however, the message was powerful, nonetheless. Work on the quality, but keep that intensity. It was beautiful, all quality issues aside." CassandraMotou: "Yeah, the visual quality is my prob too ^_^() Your concept and scene choices are wicked (duh, its HM!) but the funky effects kinda throw it off. From some of it, it looked like you had good raw material, but then it went all weird and jerky like it was ancient footage or somethin. Good "faded color" use tho (like at the "near, far" line) ^_^" SlytherinGirl: "I think what AngelHael meant was that alot of the vid seems fuzzy or has weird effects on it. Maybe you could just take those off? I dunno, anway, AWESOME VID!"
01 February 2006 @ 07:14 pm
Hermione/Snape: "Without You" (BSB)  
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Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Incomplete" by Backstreet Boys

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 3mins57seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hr/S video. Already did a "Sev w/out Hermione" video, so I figured I'd change POVs in this one... a music video about what it might be like for Hermione after a break up with Sev... And lots of GoF clips! YAY!

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: LianaSnape: "It's so touching... Bravo! I love the way you combine their looks!" MendingaUsedHeart: "Beautiful... just beautiful! *wipes tears*" RhpsQueenForLife: "Wow. I honestly never thought I would ever like a S/Hr video, in a million years. But you did a really good job at making this seem real and the song was a really good choice. Excellent scene selection as well. Very good job." RuddyDuck: "Waahhaaa. I just want to bawl my eyes out. Well done, well done. *standing ovation* It's so tragically beautiful. The song is perfect, every single line, every single word. I've never thought about them breaking up, it's too terrible to even consider. But I see it's possible... just as long as they realize their mistake and fix it. Lol. Just amazing. I can't say enough about it."
28 January 2006 @ 06:49 pm
Hermione/Snape: "I Surrender Everything" (Celine Dion)  
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Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "I Surrender" by Celine Dion

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 4mins38seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hermione/Severus video. Tried some new things... I'm worried it might not live up to the song... Nearly exhausted my supplies of video... Oh how I wish I could get some more GoF...

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: LianaSnape: "Yusagi, your videos are absolutely wonderful! You've got so much talent! :D" DarrinX: "It's a lovely song and a really lovely video. I'm a Harry/Hermione shipper myself but thanks to videos like this I'm begining to change a few of my hard opinions, lol. Great job! (goes in the Faves)"
21 January 2006 @ 06:22 pm
Hermione/Snape: "Breathe No More" (Evanescence)  
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Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Breathe No More" by Evanescence

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 3mins50seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: A Hermione/Severus/Harry triangle video! Weird, huh? The triangle is whether Hermione loves Harry or Sev, not any of the other translations some of the video can make it seem... I may make another of these if I can find a better song...

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: Phantess: "Woah, I like this video... It's almost like he's hurt in this video.. You took the best clips and made it into a beautiful music video." DarrinX: "This is a really good video, and I think the lyrics of the song went really well with it. (adds to Faves.)" HcjKirky: "I love that song so much, and I really love what you've done with the video- very creative and convincing, and it's very sad- nearly made me cry, dunno why tho..."
21 January 2006 @ 06:02 pm
Hermione/Snape: "Surrender" (Evanescence)  
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Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Surrender" by Evanescence

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 3mins25seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hermione/Severus music video. Alright, it's based like this, the both of them are denying their feelings. At first, Hermione starts chasing him, kind of like a stalker, then he turns it around on her, and starts chasing her instead. By the end, they pretty much figure each other out. A true fanflick! :P

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: RuddyDuck: "Oo, very well done. Love it. I really wish though that we could see Hermione sprinting down that Great Hall to launch herself at Snape. That would be so nice. *sigh* Oh well, we can dream, can't we? lol. Love this one as well. Thanks for sharing!" Heather413: "Well done, very impressed! Song fit in perfect!" Clarinet101: "Very nice! You made the story go along very well with the music as well!"
18 January 2006 @ 05:38 pm
Hermione/Snape: "Hello... Or Goodbye?" (Evanescence)  
*embedded yt hidden* )

Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Hello" by Evanescence

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 3mins33seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hermione/Sev. It's just not my personality to make happy romances... so as a rebound from "Faith" I made this. Sort of a what-if thing... in case you can't tell, something bad (likely lasting) happened to Hermione, and it follows Sev's reactions. Some weird effects and stuff... I admit to experimenting here.

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: RuddyDuck: "Oooo, goody! A Sev/Mione tribute! I love you! :) This was very well done. I liked the effects, especially when Hermione was dazed over 'sev' and you made all the colors change. I also loved when Hermione was running up the Great Hall. That effect was neato as well. The expression on Sev's face after you see Hermione petrified (when he's in the shrieking shack) seems so sad and heartbroken, it's wonderfully done. Thanks so much for creating this and sharing it." MendingaUsedHeart: "It was so beautiful it made me have chills and goosebump I almost cried little." GrangerAndWeasley: "Thought that it was adorable!" HostessTostess: "So sad? *cries* I first heard this song after searching for it when it was used in one of my favorite SS/HG fanfics. Absolutely the saddest song I've ever heard, and I love it! Fantastic job!" SunlightGirl: "Wow... this was really good. I'll admit, it's not my favourite out of all the videos you've made that I watched. :P But HG/SS is my favourite (well, one of my favourite) "Harry Potter" ships, and Evanescence is my favourite band, so obviously I had to watch this. :) Great job!"
18 January 2006 @ 05:10 pm
Hermione/Snape: "Faith" (Garth Brooks- Enterprise Theme)  
*embedded yt hidden* )

Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Faith Of The Heart" by Garth Brooks (Enterprise Theme)

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 1mins22seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hermione/Severus video. Slapped together much more quickly than "I'll Do Anything".

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: RuddyDuck: "Wonderful, wonderful. I adore this song and you put it all together very well!" Anime12Kitty: "Awesome song. I love how you ended it too. It was done really well. ^^" 13lackMagic: "Pretty good, some of the scenes were put together so it made it look pretty realistic but not completely. It was put to the music well. Overall pretty well done."
17 January 2006 @ 01:16 pm
Hermione/Snape: "I'll Do Anything" (Evanescence & Air Supply)  
*embedded yt hidden* )

Fandom/Song/Artist: HR/SNAPE "Anything For You" by Evanescence and "Lost In Love" by Air Supply

Vidded by: Yusagi Link to vidpage: YouTube Details: Footage from ?? :: 3mins50seconds :: ??MB :: WMV :: Notes: ??

Summary: Hermione Severus video. Despite some rumors, this IS the first Hermione/Sev fanflick!

Feedback appreciated!

Recc'ed by: DokujiChan: "I really enjoyed watching your video. I don't really like this ship, but how could anyone not like your video. You made it so believable. I also loved the song you chose; the clips matched up so well." SnapeDreamer: "I could understand why people not might like the ship, but then I love Hermione and Snape; they are both my favorites, no matter what. Great video, too- one of few that really hits on the Hermione and Snape ship going on. Though I like her more older, which she is anyway... anyway, great video!" JCDestinyStar2008: "Since it doesn't appear that I've commented on this video of yours, wow. Absolutely amazing! Not to mention that when Harry throws Snape back with that spell, it looks like Hermione really could be shouting "Severus!". ^^"