01 April 2011 @ 06:38 am
Fic: Fools (Rose POV Rose/Doctor, rated pg, Doctor Who)  
Title: Fools
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: PG?
Spoilers: Season Two
Pairings: Rose/Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler
Warnings: Crack
Genre: Fluff, a little bit of crack
Summary: Some things are better left between time-and-space travelers only.

Disclaimer: Nothing by the idea of Shareen's characterization is mine, and I can never be sure about that, either.

AN: No tricks this year, just a crackfic! Really. Don't take it too seriously, it's crackfic disguised as fluff.

The Doctor looked just a little bit ill, as he tended to whenever her mother got into domestic discussions. )
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18 August 2010 @ 06:02 am
80 Davina Tennant icons  
So I was minding my own business. Completely innocent. And then came across this completely random Youtube clip called 'David or Davina?'. It took me a few watch-throughs to decipher all the accents...I was distracted.

Anyway! With a bit of digging, I found that, pre-DW, David played a one-off character...

Oh, I'm sure I'm the last to find it out, so neeevermind that. ANYWAY.

The point is! David Tennant makes a surprisingly pretty girl, and I haven't seen any icons around of it, so I figured I'd make some. (The call of cracky iconning is irresistible) The source material wasn't that great, but I did my best.

So. 80 Girl!David icons, all of which are bases.

You've got such lovely-- )
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21 June 2007 @ 06:10 am
__In public Challenge -- Delicious(Sylar/Ice cream)  
Title: Delicious
Rating: R
Spoilers: Up to Landslide
Pairings: Sylar....and ice cream. Yes. You read that right. Be afraid.
Characters: Sylar, allusions to Ted, Peter, and Claire.
Genre: Crack, pure and simple.
Warnings: PWP, solo!smut, scary amounts of crack.
Summary: Waiting for the FBI to arrive, Sylar enjoys his ice cream in a rather unusual way.

How often could one stop and eat ice cream before one blew up a city and became president? Not often at all. )
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08 May 2007 @ 05:02 am
Dishes (Heroes, Sylar POV, Mylar hints oneshot)  
Title: Dishes
Rating: G
Spoilers: Spoilers for Run! And allusions to Six Months Ago.
Pairings: Its crack...but if you want to see it as Mylar, you go right on ahead.
Characters: Sylar, Mohinder
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Crack, and a coherent Sylar.
Summary: Not everything in life is made easier by telekinesis.

Although he refused to admit it aloud, there were some times when a telekinetic finger knife of death was virtually useless. )
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21 January 2007 @ 03:24 am
DW fic (10/J/R teamfic) 1/?  
Genre-Adventure, romance, humor, probably slight crack, Self-challenge
Couples-Jack/Rose/10, Gwen/Owen Elton/Ursula. More to be decided.
Characters: Jack, Rose, 10, Mickey, Sarah Jane, K-9, Danny, Reneitte, Jake, Donna, Martha, Gwen, Owen, Elton, Ursula
Spoilers: All of season 2 and season 3
Summary: Sometimes the best cure for loneliness is company. Sometimes the best cure for lingering sanity is a full TARDIS. What if things were just a little bit different, and the Doctor didn't mind a bit more noise in his travels? Just how much might change? VERY AU

Fic I'm too lazy to name ATM )
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