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Two Doctor Who videos - Series 6 tribute and Doctor Who/Fright Night crossover
Title: I Will Not Bow
Song: I Will Not Bow
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Subject: General Season 6
Genre: Tribute/Action
Summary: Spoilers for ALL of season/series 6

This is pretty much just an (almost) angst-free tribute to season six as a whole, or rather the strengths and defiance the characters displayed throughout the season against the many hardships they faced in it.

Youtube Link here

Title: World Spins Madly On
Song: The World Spins Madly On
Artist: The Weepies
Subject: Rose Tyler/Peter Vincent (Fright Night 2011)
Genre: AU, Shipping, Angst, Crossover
Summary: Spoilers for season 4 + Fright Night + some for Secret Diary

Prior to the video, Rose meets Peter on a Torchwood mission a few months after being stranded in Pete's World, which happens to be a few months after he befriends Charlie, and after he decides to go on tour in the UK.

long = short, the two are drawn to each other by a mutual sense of displacement and loneliness...and a bit of Peter having the Doctor's face.

A year later the stars start going out and the Dimension Cannon fires up, so Rose's Torchwood missions become trips to parallel realities looking for the Doctor to warn him of the danger.

Video time - Eventually, Peter (drafted by Torchwood earlier) gets wind of what her missions consist of, and with a bit of unfortunate timing also discovers his similarity to the Doctor's face. This, naturally, leads to a blazing row, which ends in Peter shooing her off to find the Doctor if he means so much to her.

The events of Turn Left play out for Rose, as she deals with the 'death' of the Doctor and finding a way to set the universe right through Donna's death, meanwhile the two generally mope about and suffer alone.

When Journey's End finally rolls around (solved minus a Metacrisis), and Rose finally does have the chance to go back to traveling with the Doctor, she realize that as much as she loves that life and the Doctor, there's finally something she wants more, even if she might have already lost it.

Returned to Pete's World by her request this time, she reflects on her choice for a bit, and then goes to make an attempt to try again with Peter.

And that's...pretty much it 8| This was not really an easy vid to make, considering how very little footage there is for Peter or...even for Rose of the appropriate time period.

Youtube Link here
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