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darkbunnyrabbit ([personal profile] darkbunnyrabbit) wrote on June 24th, 2011 at 01:27 pm
Doctor Who fanvid: Girl Next Door (Rose/Doctor/River) 6x07 SPOILERS
Link here

Spoilers up to A Good Man... The video is NOT what it looks like!

One day the Doctor mentions River to Rose in the adventures she missed, and explains what little he knew about her. Rose being jealous and nosy rigs up a dimensional window to see what this River girl is all about...and finding out all about her glam super specialness can't help but resent her for it--and be a little bit insecure.

In the end, though, Rose has no reason at all to envy River. In fact, River envies the stories she's heard of Rose--the woman who won the Doctor's heat in forward motion, and who could live a whole entire life with the Doctor, which River knows she never will. To River, Rose is the one she needs to measure up to, not the other way around.

So. Basically, it's a Rose/Doctor vid with a touch of River/Docter adhering to as much canon as I could, with my best effort to make River as sympathetic or moreso than Rose.

Take THAT shipwars!

/Feels very clever
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