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Fic: Juliet (Rose POV Rose/Doctor, rated g, Doctor Who)
Title: Juliet
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: G
Spoilers: Season Four
Pairings: Rose/Doctor
Characters: Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: Copious angst
Genre: Angst, Missing scene
Summary: A Rose POV ficlet of Turn Left and Stolen Earth.

Disclaimer: Doctor Who is naturally, not mine.

AN: This was a random, sudden inspiration of head canon I needed to jot down. So.

“They took him away. He's dead”

It was easy to reason it all away. It was easy to disassociate herself with this bubble reality. The Doctor wasn't really dead, only a parallel version of him. Only a version of him where everything went wrong, in a temporary reality she would undo completely. She'd seen so much looking for him, it wasn't hard to section it all away. It was easy to do what she needed to as if she'd found another reality without the Doctor in it at all.

But now she stood in a cold cement room and stared down at a figure half-covered in a plastic sheet.

The Doctor.

“My Doctor”

She hadn't meant to end up here, but now she was, and the person she'd traveled across so, so many realities for was lying in front of her.


She thought her fingers trembled when they brushed his cheek, but they didn't. She trembled. She shook with all of her frustration and all of her anger and all of her grief. He was there. Right in front of her, he was real.

He was gone.

Her reality crashed inward with all of the suddenness of the closing of the last crack in reality. The distance crumbled, and she curled around him, gripping and sobbing into still-damp wool. He'd always been cool, but now, in the refrigeration of the room, he was frigid. The honey-sweet smell that always lingered around him was replaced with the smell of the Thames, rancid on his skin.

She felt like Juliet in a twisted retelling of Shakespeare, and all she wanted was out. All she wanted was to cover him up again, walk away, and forget she'd ever seen him. Because it wasn't just another reality now, and she couldn't ever go back to before she'd seen him.

“Help me”

She kissed him on the forehead, left tears on his cheeks as she backed away from him, and withdrew the Torchwood pistol at her side. Her hands trembled for only a moment as she set its intensity and leveled it in his direction. Only a moment. UNIT wouldn't make him into an experiment. No one would. He'd done too much for far too long.

The heat of the plasma-fire that engulfed the table before her was so strong she had to take a step backward. She walked away before it could die.

She couldn't pretend this reality didn't matter any more, because it meant everything.

“Doctor, it's me. I came back.”

He was just an image. Just a tiny little pixel square on a screen, but he was alive. He was so very alive, and that was enough to make everything worthwhile. Enough to give her a second wind, and hope to finally find him again, to jump across town, to walk through streets that might as well be endless looking for him in a direction she couldn't know for sure.

And then, just past that last hill...he was there. He was standing so finally within reach.

She ran. For all that she was worth, she ran.

He fell.

When she caught him, his skin was cold, and she was shaking, and suddenly, she was Juliet all over again.

“Don't die. Oh, my God, don't die.”
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